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Relaxation / Massage

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  • Defense chief: US troops leaving Syria to go to western Iraq 19 Oct 2019

    Defense Secretary Mark Esper says that under the current plan all U.S. troops leaving Syria will go to western Iraq and the military will continue to conduct operations against the Islamic State group to prevent its resurgence. Speaking to reporters...

  • Turkey wants Syrian forces to leave border areas, aide says 19 Oct 2019

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants Syrian government forces to move out of areas near the Turkish border so he can resettle up to 2 million refugees there, his spokesman told The Associated Press on Saturday. The request will top Erdogan's...

  • British PM sends unsigned letter seeking Brexit delay 19 Oct 2019

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reluctantly wrote to Brussels late Saturday asking for a Brexit extension after MPs voted to force him into seeking a delay beyond October 31. The Conservative leader also sent a second signed letter insisting he...

Fitness is...

Fitness itself meant by a comprehensive program to restore and maintain health through organic union of different methods of physical training, sports equipment and other diverse health promotion.

Basic elements of fitness

  • Healthy Eating Healthy Eating Healthy eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love.
  • Physical activity Physical activity Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.
  • Relaxation / Massage Relaxation / Massage It’s not just a luxury. Massage is an important part of a fitness program.


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